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To step into a waterfall and allow its cold, turbulent flux to cleanse your body and soul is an indescribable experience, to the point where many rightfully attribute its health and spiritual benefits. In fact, just to stand before these roaring bodies of water and watch as seemingly endless water flows down in a white bubbly display is enough to invoke awe in any spectator.

All of this poetic mambo-jumbo is to say that human beings in general love waterfalls and all the fun and relaxing activities that they invite us to practice.

Grenada waterfalls specifically are known for being sights taken right from the garden of Eden, being surrounded by lush forests, and having clear, sweet sparkling water. Any visit to Grenada that does not include waterfalls is bound to be incomplete, so we have compiled a list of the best waterfalls on the island for you to mark down on your map.


Standing at the height of thirty feet, Annandale is the most popular waterfall on the entire island. This popularity is owed to a series of factors, ranging from its proximity to the capital St Georges, making it easily accessible by either foot or car rental, to how prominent it is in Grenada tourism publicity. That being said, Annandale is also one of the smallest and most accessible waterfalls for people who are not as prone to adventure. Its proximity to the capital also makes it a lot easier to find restaurants or other services nearby.

Seven Sisters

As you might have guessed, the seven sisters are comprised of seven falls next to each other that converge on the same body of crystalline water. It may be accessed after a moderately challenging hike, though do not let that deter you, as this one is actually much more peaceful and visitors are spread between each one. Reaching the first of the seven sisters is done after a forty-five-minute walk through beautiful tropical rainforest and only gets less tame as you go on. This means that at any moment you may actually choose to stop and enjoy the vistas and cool water at any point.


This particular fall is often called a hidden gem by locals and those that actually walked the extra mile to find it after braving the seven sisters. That is to say, after that have done the seven sisters hike, there are very little people who will actually continue along the trail. Do not judge them too harshly, after all the trail to honeymoon falls is one filled with uneven terrain, mud, and dense vegetation. But once this gem reveals itself to you and you see the heart-shaped natural pool come seemingly out of nowhere, you’ll understand that all your effort was worth it.

Royal Mount Carmel

Being technically composed of two different waterfalls, Royal Mount Carmel is locally known as the Marquis waterfall as it is fed by River Marquis. Getting there feels like a trip to an ancient magical kingdom, as the trail that leads to it begins at a garden gate on the backyard of a house and follows the river through the forest. As you take this tranquil hike through the woods, breathe in the wonderful smells of the rainforest and listen to the symphony of its many birds until you finally reach the graceful and crystalline clash of water.


To chase and bathe in a waterfall has different meanings which depend largely on why people seek them out in the first place. Grenada waterfalls are a great example of this if you observe how they always have something to offer, be it in the form of adventure, an escape from the Caribbean sun, or way of connecting with mother nature. This ability to present such a large range of experiences, combined with their sheer beauty, is the main reason why they have become a hallmark of Grenada tourism and a part of the Island’s overall experience.

Therefore, if you truly want to make your experience in Grenada complete, you absolutely cannot dismiss reaching out to one of its paradisaical waterfalls. Of course, you will also need a good way of actually getting there fast, so why not employ the service of Caribautos as the first step in your new adventure?


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