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There are over 7000 islands in the Caribbean, each containing a world and ecosystem of its own while sharing the peaceful warm atmosphere. That being said, there are many islands that while sharing in this Caribbean spirit, that is as clear as the waters of its beaches, each excels at different aspects as vacation destinations. So, in order to make it easier for you to pick the next spot for your 'off-time', we compiled a list of our top 5 in 7000 destinations of the Caribbean!


Dominica - For Nature


If there ever was such a thing as the garden of Eden, it was plucked from where it laid comfortably between the rivers Tiger and Euphrates and made into the Island of Dominica. With great peaks and bountiful valleys, not to mention the 365 rivers that bathe this beautiful 295 square-mile Island that seems to always be overflowing with life. From the windows of the many luxurious hotels that dot its landscape, you will soon notice that every gaze to its verdant environment is a feast for the eyes.


The Caicos - For Peace

Not everyone that comes to the Caribbean is looking for luxury, in fact, there is a large portion of tourists who are looking for peace and a reconnection with the untamed place of our planet. It comes as no surprise that this feeling draws them so strongly to the north and middle Caicos, where a glimpse of the untamed and untouched Caribbean is still preserved. In Middle Caicos, you will find some of the most paradisaical views in the world, with wide beaches, sea cliffs, and rock formations that seem out of a fairy tale. Even better, these wonders will more than likely be yours to enjoy without having to go “pointy elbows”, with a faceless mass of other tourists.


Curaçao - For The City Experience

Maybe when you think of the Caribbean you might be expecting some good quality rum, crazy parties, and beautiful streets filled with colonial architecture buildings and little shops. What you may not have realized yet is that you were probably thinking of Willemstad, capital of Curaçao an autonomous nation within the Royal Dutch Kingdom. If you are looking for great restaurants, vibrant stores, and galleries, museums, or anything that fits in between, chances are you will find it here. And while you go through the many attractions of this city, there will always be good material for taking photos as it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Antigua - For Beaches

If you were to visit one beach from Antigua per day, it would take exactly a year before you had actually seen it all. That is to say, the Island of Antigua has 365 beaches, one for each day of the year and human taste when it comes to having white sand under your feet and a beautiful ocean. Dickenson bay will offer you water sports, while Half Moon Bay, with its pink crystal sand, offers perfect isolation from the world. Beach lovers that go to Antigua Island can be sure that no matter where they go when visiting the Isle, there will always be a new shore to bathe in.


Grenada - For All The Above

Now, tell me, what good would it be to plan ou an entire trip only to enjoy one aspect of an entire Island? Not much, as you surely agree. So, why not go to an island that has the perfect blend of all the things that make a trip to the Caribbean such an amazing experience? On the island of Grenada, you will find the nature on par with that of Dominica, the peace of the Caicos, both a drive away from each other. The city life of Saint George’s can go toe to toe with curaçao any day and a walk along the shores of the island will feel no different, if not better than the beaches of Antigua. Grenada Island is the absolute best example when it comes to getting the full Caribbean experience.



Our love of Grenada Island should come as no surprise, after all, what’s not to love? Well, there is one thing that is certainly harder to love than the rest and that is wasting time on a beautiful island walking or taking the bus when you only have so long to enjoy your trip. So, why not make use of some of the best Grenada rental cars at Caribautos, and not waste a second of your time in paradise?


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