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Despite being on many people’s bucket lists as a vacation destination for decades now, the Caribbean holds many unexplored wonders for the discerning traveler to find.

These hidden Caribbean gems are the destination of only the most experienced explorers, those that know its many islands well and know where to look for unique experiences.

Well, we will keep you under suspense no longer, without further ado, we present to you five wonders of the Caribbean Islands that you never heard about.


The Swimming Horses of Jamaica

No, you have not read this wrongly, neither is this a cryptic writing prompt of some obscure publication in search of deranged writers. The swimming horses of Jamaica are real, adorable, and extremely graceful.

Resorts in Jamaica are offering an unorthodox yet delightful equestrian activity where one may swim and play with horses in the sea.

If you are worried about the horse’s safety, we are glad to inform you their specific breed is actually fascinated with water and love to play with and on it.

The waters where you’ll swim with the horses are also some of the most beautiful in Jamaica, so when you are not admiring the animal’s movements you’ll have plenty of eye-candy to entertain yourself.


Bahamian Pink Sand

Can you imagine an entire coast rolling as far as the eye can see in, blending in with the fiery sunset? Luckily you don’t have to just imagine it, as it is a very real place in the Bahamas which is always open for public visitation.

These beaches in the Bahamas are painted pink by a microscopic organism called foraminifera that actually has a tiny reddish shell that is mixed into the coral and calcium carbonate of the sand.

This unique combination makes this one of the most beautiful, yet little known beaches in the world and the perfect place for your vacation.


Maya Ruins of Belize

The ancient and powerful Mayan empire spawned for thousands of kilometers in South America and the ruins of Belize serves as a testament of just how far this ancient civilization got.

If you wish to cast your eyes upon them in wonder of days you never witnessed, you absolutely need to book a flight to one of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands, and maybe enjoy its many other attractions while you’re there.

Which means you will be able to explore its lush jungles, and mysterious caves, or even inspect the famous coral riffs of Belize when you are not contemplating the past in those ruins.


Hidden Islands of Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is home to numerous archipelagos that when summed together may reach the astounding number of seven thousand islands.

What few people realize is that Puerto Rico is among these archipelagos and has its own fair share of hidden Caribbean islands that offer some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

For instance, mosquito bay is the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, making for a breathtaking landscape when its sea starts glowing at night.

Culebra, on the other hand, has Flamenco beach, ranked by the Discovery Channel as the second-best beach in the world.


Mexico’s underwater thrills

In Cancun, Mexico you can book a visitation of its amazing underwater museum for a once in a lifetime experience, that you are sure to never forget.

The museum counts with more than 470 life-sized statues that are among the most fascinating man-made underwater structures in the world.

Going during the day, or the night also offers completely different experiences, as when the sun is high, the water is dyed to a graceful turquoise blue, only to become dark and mysterious when the sun goes down.

Therefore, be it beauty or suspense, the underwater museum offers a breathtaking experience that you are completely missing out on.



Part of what makes the Caribbean such a wonderful place is its ability to continuously surprise us with new and hidden wonders that make us want to visit it all over again.

If you heed this call, however, you will soon realize that you will need a way to get there fast after you actually land on the Caribbean island of your choice.

So, if you decide to visit the island of Grenada and want to make sure you make the most out of your trip and get to see all the fair things that the island has to offer, why not make a reservation at Carib Car Rental? We offer the best vehicles for all traveling styles, be it cruising down the open road or off-roading!


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