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There are few places on earth that capture the same sense of adventure and mystery like the Caribbean with its wide sea and numerous lush islands. A region so diverse is bound to hold many curiosities ranging from the trivial to the obscure, but each of them a treasure worth that makes the trip truly worth it. In order to give these curiosities the love they deserve, we have compiled this collection of Caribbean facts for your information and entertainment.


1. The Shortest Runway in the World

Upon arriving on the Caribbean island of Saba, and landing on The Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, you’ll find yourself at the single shortest runway in the world. This particular stretch of pavement is only 1,312 feet, or 400 meters long, meaning the Olympic Athlete Usain Bolt, would be able to cover it in just fifty seconds. The runway is so small in fact, that most commercial airplanes can’t land on it, making it exclusive to small propeller planes, commonly used for inter-island transport. On the other hand, the runway is extremely close to the sea, giving you a beautiful view of the ocean as you climb disembark


2. Jamaica Has The Highest Concentration of Churches in The World

You read it right, Jamaica, home of the famous Reggae singer Bob Marley outdoes even countries like Brazil and Italy in the church department. Translating this into numbers, visitors to Jamaica may find themselves surrounded on all sides by more than 1600 churches per square mile while on the Caribbean island. Despite being commonly associated with Rastafarianism, Jamaica is actually 64% Christian, with many protestant denominations sharing in cultural hegemony. The single largest of these denominations is the church of god with 24%, followed by the seventh-day Adventists with 11%.


3. The Smallest Shared Landmass in the world.

On the northern extreme of the Lesser Antilles lies the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin, the smallest mass of land to be shared by two nations in the world. The Island’s Northern Hemisphere is officially considered French territory, under the name Collectivité de Saint-Martin, which also includes a series of minor Islands that surround it, the biggest of these being Tintamarre. Meanwhile, the southern part of the island is called Sint Maarten, a territory considered one of the four countries which form the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the others being The Netherlands themselves, Aruba, and Curaçao.


4. 3 Million Indigenous Peoples Vanished from The Caribbean in just 50 years

In the 15th century, during the early days of European exploration, historians estimate that at least three million native Taíno people inhabited the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola, currently named Haiti. There are many reasons attributed to the disappearance of the natives, going from crop failure, and forced labor imposed by the Spanish, to brutal rebellion suppression. There are, however many living descendants of these native Caribbean people, born from intermarrying between the colonizers and the colonized. Remnants of their culture may also be found in the usage of Taino expressions that are still very common in the Antilles, along with architectural, farming, and fishing practices.


5. The Boiling Lake

In order to see the last item of our list, you would have to first reach the Island of Dominica, where you would begin a climb up to 2,600 feet above the sea level, passing through swampy forests of boiling mud. After this, comes the volcanic landscape, which would have you come into contact with some of the youngest rock formations in the world which may, or may not spit sulfuric gasses in your general direction. Overcome this obstacle and you will reach the boiling lake, one of the most beautiful yet terrifying bodies of water in the world, forever surrounded in mist and with temperatures varying between 180 and 197 °F, or 82 to 92 °C


The Caribbean is full of curiosities and intriguing secrets for the discerning adventurer to find, and what good would an article such as this do if it did not invite you to see these curiosities yourself? Of course, if you actually choose to peruse these places with your own eyes, and visit the wonderful island of Grenada, then you would need a reliable and efficient method of transportation to take you wherever you want to go. In which case, you may count on Carib Car Rentals for renting the best vehicles in Grenada!


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