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Who has never thought about experiencing an authentic Caribbean vacation? To dig your toes into the sand and lean back, basking in that bountiful sun as we hear the Atlantic Ocean crashing its waves just a few meters ahead. However, when planning a new vacation, we tend to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices available for us and push it farther down the line. So you don’t lose the next opportunity, here are six reasons a Caribbean holiday should be on your bucket list of destinations!



How else could we possibly start our list? The Caribbean has over 700 islands fitting fabulously in any possible taste, no matter if you are looking to practice sports, spend time with your family, or have a romantic escape with a loved one.

There is a good reason for Caribbean beaches to be famous worldwide. The white fluffy sand and clear waters are the closest things to heaven on earth!

The weather also remains perfect year-round, only being broken by the eventual storm or volcanic eruption, so you can have a Caribbean holiday any time of the year.



Now, when you are not enjoying some seaside fun, you are going to need a place to rest and plan where to go next. So how does the Caribbean hold up in terms of accommodation? The answer is “exceptionally.”

People tend to think that you have to be a millionaire to afford a good room in a Caribbean hotel, which is extremely inaccurate. You can find hotels, and beach houses for your Caribbean vacation that fit any pocket-size, from the luxurious penthouse to the humble campsite. If you are on real a budget, you can even find places that will rent you a hammock for the night for as little as £1!



Caribbean culture and history are one of richness and diversity, which are beautifully displayed in their annual festivals that never fail to attract people from all over the world. If you are the type of person that loves the energy and color of South American carnivals, you will love the Trinidad and Tobago festivals as they draw from the same roots with their own local twist.

Party all night to the sound of steel drums and eager feet, in the Noo Saro-Wiwajoin revelries, brilliant festivities that birthed the Notting Hill Carnival.

If the carnival is not your style, why not try the many jazz festivals which occur in St Lucia and Barbados? They might be more up to your speed. In any case, if you like to party, there is no reason not to include these events when planning your Caribbean holiday.


The Food

With bountiful seas and unique ecosystems scattered across its islands, the Caribbean is home to once-in-a-lifetime flavors for you to explore, while at the same time being extremely diverse. Even the pickiest of eaters are bound to find in the many Caribbean restaurants something that indulges their specific appetite.

Seafood, as one could expect is a specialty, with each island having its selection of recipes involving the most exotic ingredients. Traditional Caribbean food tends to be a mixture of African, Amerindian, east, even Chinese cuisine. Just pick your preferred appetite for the day and dive into new and unexpected gastronomical experiences.



It would not make sense to speak about the restaurants, festivals, accommodation and everything that makes the Caribbean special without speaking of those that made it so: Its people; Ask any tourist that has ever had a Caribbean holiday, and they will tell you about how the local population is always friendly and laid back.

Being surrounded by such amazing people is part of what makes a Caribbean vacation so amazing, especially if you go to one of their parties.



In such a diverse and unique environment like the Caribbean, it would be an actual struggle to run out of new exciting activities to fill your days.

There is simply no other place like it, and if you want to make sure that you don’t miss a single thing, you are going to need to make sure that you can get from one event to the other fast. Luckily for you, the Caribbean also has one of the best car rental companies out there: Carib Car Rental, located in the paradise island of Grenada. By renting a car, you are ensuring that you can spend less time walking or at a bus stop, and more time enjoying yourself in the earthly paradise. 


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