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Few places resemble heaven on Earth as closely as Grenada Island in the Caribbean, with its lush rainforest, sapphire-blue lakes, and coral-rich beaches. It is one of the best vacation destinations you could possibly wish for and while there, it’s almost impossible to run out of things to do. To drive this point home, we compiled a list of five amazing things you may experience whilst enjoying the Caribbean island of Grenada.


The Underwater Sculpture Park


A short drive north from St George’s on Moliniere bay lies the world-known underwater sculpture park of Grenada Island. Envisioned by the famous underwater sculptor Jason deCaires, the park is the first of its kind in the world, and home to several pieces of work from the artist. Only by experiencing this unique place will the artist’s quote saying “The ocean is the most incredible exhibition space an artist could ever wish for” make sense.

The Sculptures are exhibited in various depths underwater, with some being three to five meters below the surface, and others only six feet below. The end result is a unique atmosphere that brings this unspeakable feeling of awe, that is even a little scary!

As you swim between the sculptures, you might get the feeling they have been there for millennia, when in fact they were made only in 2006. Not only does his work enhance the already beautiful Grenadian sea, but the environment seems to have integrated the statues into itself, covering them in coral and sea-life. The park can be accessed through scuba-diving or snorkeling, though most people would recommend the first option, as it allows you to stay longer underwater. Grenada already is a great tourist attraction on its own with its volcanic terrain and spicy nature, but visiting the park can turn your vacation into a real adventure!

Best of all, you can purchase a day’s pass on the Grenadian ministry of fisheries for only a dollar for snorkelers and two for divers.


Saint George’s


Founded by the French in 1650, Saint George’s is the country’s capital and largest city in Grenada Island, with 36,000 inhabitants.

Although Grenada might initially attract tourists for its breath-taking beaches and nature, the city is also brimming with activities and culture to enjoy. Saint George is one of the prettiest port towns in the Caribbean with its perfectly preserved colonial architecture buildings encircled by a volcanic hillside crater. It is populated by boaters who dock in the towns busy harbor of Carenage, which you may stroll through to watch their work, browse shops, and get an amazing view of the sea.

The streets are full of small stores and local merchants selling their wares and native spices that have made the Island known. Speaking of spices, why not try some of their amazing food composed mostly of fresh sea-foods and their delicious nutmeg ice cream?

Since Grenada is also known for its amazing breweries, you can be sure to have a good time on the town’s many bars with some of the best beer you have ever had!


The Beaches


Now, Grenada is an Island in the Caribbean, and just by stating this we already conjure the image of white sandy beaches with a turquoise sea. This picture is absolutely accurate!

The beaches of Grenada are some of the most beautiful in the entire world, being located in a region of constant sunshine and protected from the agitated waters of the pacific.

There are many incredible sights on the island's coast, but these are some of the best:


Grand Anse:

A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Grand Anse is the postcard of Grenada with two miles of fluffy white sand. Being such an important spot, it is located conveniently close to most of the major hotels, making access to its serene waters much easier. The peaceful waters also make it a prime place for underwater exploration for both the newbie diver and the adrenaline junkie. Even if you don’t quite like the sea, you can still visit the local vendors market or have an authentic tropical meal.

Morne Rouge:

Driving south from Grand Anse lies the beautiful Morne Rouge, away from all the activity of its larger counterpart. If Grand Anse is the beach for having fun, Morne Rouge is the one for having a private moment with that special someone. Bathe in its shallow, warm waters, rest under the shadow of the palms, or peacefully go shell hunting along the shore. There is no better place for romance!

La Sagesse:

The most family-friendly of the beaches, this is one of the best spots to let your children loose without fear. The calm waters in this secluded cove are clear as day, holding no secrets, and when everyone gets hungry there’s plenty of restaurants to choose from.


On the northeast end of Grenada Island is Bathway beach, another popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Sheltered from more turbulent waters, it is the perfect place to practice if you don’t know how to swim during most of the year. That is most of the year, because it’s in the Atlantic coastline and there are some periods of turbulence, but you should be fine by paying attention to the forecast.


Driving further north is Levera beach, where you can get the absolute best view of sugar loaf island, which is located just a couple of hundred yards away from the coast. Being one of the farthest beaches, it is very sparsely occupied most of the time, making it the perfect getaway. That being said, getting there can be quite the adventure, especially if you don’t have a four-wheeler!


To make it even better, beaches on the island are open to the public, so as you drive around you see a paradisaical landscape, just hop out of the car and explore it!


Old Forts


Grenada was colonized during the great age of sailing, a time when nations battled pirates and each other over dominance of the new world. In such dangerous times, it was common for places Like Grenada Island to be protected by forts to deter invaders who would assail it for its spices.

As the days of piracy and spice wars ended, these forts started to play a more historical role, being a symbol of those days and regional history in general.

Two of the more prominent forts on Grenada are:


Fort Frederick (The Backwards Fort):

The construction of Fort Frederick was started by the French, but completed by the invading English in 1791. Its nickname as “the backwards fort” is a reference to the fact it has all cannons facing inland, as the French feared a surprise land attack from the British, after they used this successful strategy.

Fort George:

Built in 1705 by the French to defend the port of the same name, Fort George is the oldest defensive structure on the entire Island. It offers a wonderful 360-degree view of the entire town and coast to those willing to face its long winding set of stairs!


Grand Etang National Park


One of the best parts of traveling to the Caribbean is getting into contact with its amazing biomes and nature. Few places offer this full Caribbean experience like Grand Etang National Park, with breath-taking environments, exotic wildlife, and great crater-formed Lake.

There are many hiking trails available in the park, varying in the challenge they offer, from the self-guided Morne LaBaye, to the longer and more adventurous Concord Falls trail.

Among other hikes that have become quite popular are Shoreline trail, which goes around the great lake, The Seven Sister Falls, and the Mount Qua Qua hike. As you journey through your chosen track, it’s impossible not to feel this overwhelming sensation of being one with nature and the many exotic animals and plants of the Island.




Grenada Caribbean is heaven on earth, with more wonder to see than a day allows, partly because of the sheer richness of the isle, but also for the distance among them.

Seeing everything on foot is fool’s errand, as is to miss anything out when visiting, so it only makes sense you will need a fitting vehicle! If you agree, then next time you are in Grenada, be sure to give Carib Autos a visit and get geared up with the best car for your vacation!


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