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Ask any experienced traveler and they will tell you a good holiday takes strict planning regarding time and money and where it is worth to spend these two. With the magnificent island of Grenada, where so many wonders line the streets you need to pick well what you wish to experience, it could be no different. When planning a holiday on the island, many people start having doubts about the best solution for transportation, fearing a Grenada car hire may not be worth it.

However, this conclusion couldn’t be farther from the truth, a point we seek to drive across with the article below.


The first main benefit that comes with your Grenada rental car is, of course, the greater freedom you gain to go wherever you want at any time. With your own car, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the timetables and schedules of public transportation and taxis, it even enables you to change plans as you go along.

After all, it wouldn’t really be a new adventure if you weren’t able to take a few spontaneous detours once in a while.


Sure, at a first glance, of course, a Grenada car hire is going to cost more than simply taking a bus or renting a car, but cost-effectiveness is not just about the price. Depending on the Grenada car rental service you choose, you may even find that renting the car comes out cheaper when compared to the sum of what you’d spend on bus tickets or taxi rides. Then take into account the convenience and comfort of having your own car and suddenly the benefits of other methods begin to be outweighed. At the end of the day, you are spending less to travel better than you usually would.

Going Off Route

Despite being a relatively small Caribbean island, Grenada is full of locations off the beaten path that are only available for those willing to put their feet out of the beaten path. Destinations off to the northern coast of the Island, for example, are not accessible via any bus route and even if you find a cab willing to take you there, the cost for the trip may be a little salty. Now, if you are looking to go where only the bold have gone, your best bet is seeking out a Grenada car rental service.


Picture the following: You’re having that dreamy one-of-a-kind Caribbean experience at Great Anse beach, you swam, built sandcastles, ran around, took photos, and now the sun is setting, announcing the time to pack camp and leave. So, while you are still sticky with seawater and holding all your beach apparatus, your family gets into a bus on rush hour. What a horrible way to pass your holiday right? This is what people mean when they say making use of a Grenada car hire lets you travel with comfort, so you don’t have to worry about scenarios as the one presented.


With the due exceptions barred, a holiday in the Caribbean is not something that happens often. So, when it comes, you need to be sure you’re enjoying your time on the island to its fullest because eventually, these moments will be no more than memory, never to return. What a wonderful thing it is, therefore, to spend less time at bus stations and hunting for a cab, and more time enjoying your vacation however you want because you can go wherever you like, whenever you like, arriving at a fraction of the time.


Hopefully, this article has served the original purpose that brought it to be, which was not as much selling the idea of Grenada hires, but actively contributing to the effort of making your stay in Grenada as pleasant as it can possibly be. Because, at the end of the day, that is what all of these discussions about the best method of transportation, the best hotels, and so on are about making sure you have fun.

So, if you are on the market of wasting no time and having fun, you’ll find that Carib Car Rental offers the best opportunities when it comes to getting to the fun part fast and with comfort.


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