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So, the time has finally come and you are ready to have the Caribbean holiday of your dreams. Congratulations! There is no better vacation destination than the natural and human wonders of the Caribbean, but it also takes some know-how, to make the most of it.

As a new visitor, you may not really have the experience necessary to prepare for such a happy moment of your life, which may put this special moment in jeopardy. Fear not, however, for here are 5 great tips to make your Caribbean holiday the best it can possibly be!


Dress For The Occasion

Unlike the region you may live in, the Caribbean has only two seasons: the dry season, when there are few showers of rain and it's really warm, and the wet season, when there are many storms and it is still extremely warm.

Therefore, as you can imagine, you won’t be needing any coats or thick clothes where you are going! At most pack a couple of sweaters for when you are coming in and out of the airport.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, some islands are mountainous and the higher you find yourself, the colder it tends to get.


Bring Enough Money

“Time is Money,” says the quote, but money can also be exchanged for memories and experiences like delicious Caribbean meals, which also take some money to make. In some of the smaller Islands, even producing running water and electricity can be extremely expansive, so that expanse is added to local prices.

Therefore, as in any when planning your Caribbean Travel, remember to bring some extra money with you for restaurants, tickets, or transportation, or even for emergencies. We can, however, give you the good news as booze and cigars remain at a steady low price throughout the island, so feel free to go wild.


Bring your (mosquito) Shield

Mosquitoes are known to have a preference for warm and damp environments where they can feed and proliferate as much as possible. They are also known to have a craving for human blood and potentially carry diseases, which is why you should be prepared to avert their attacks upon your skin during your Caribbean Holiday.

This goes from your good old can of repellent to more subtle tactics like loose and light-colored clothes that disorient them. Mosquitoes may have the numbers, but you have human ingenuity on your side, which has come up with thousands of ways to deal with the winged menace.


Pack Some Patience

The first half of your Caribbean travel, from your home to the region itself is likely going to be a smooth ride, as bigger companies have routes to most major airports in the region.

The same thing cannot be said however about island hopping, which is mostly handled by small local airlines, with older and fewer planes, which translates into flight delays being more common. So, if you are waiting for your plane, try getting a few snacks, a good book, or any other form of distraction and get ready to let time pass.



As we have established early on, the Caribbean is very hot all year round, which means you tend to lose a lot of water through sweat, combine that with the ample availability of rum and you may have a hydration problem. You’ll know you have a hydration problem if you begin to experience light headaches, when your vision starts to get blurry, however, get some water as soon as possible, least you may ruin your Caribbean holiday.

Also, remember to always check with the administration of your hotel if you can drink water straight from the tap and remember to bring a spare bottle with you everywhere you go. If you drink two liters of water a day, plus some extra when drinking alcohol, you should avoid most hydration related problems that might come around.


A final bonus tip we can give you is to make the most of every moment while on your Caribbean holiday, which you can’t fully experience without full location freedom. Luckily for you, if you are visiting the island of Grenada, Carib Car Rental offers the best cars on the island, helping you get where you want, while saving money and the most important resource you have: Time.

We have cars for all, from offroaders for the adventurers to elegant cruisers to peruse the streets while going from the beach to a nice restaurant, so waste no time and give us a call!


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