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So, you are considering a holiday in Grenada Island, but is unsure if you can afford it? That is a comprehensible concern after all a Caribbean Holiday is the very image of luxury, but how much does that luxury actually cost?

This is what we will be covering in this article by taking a critical look at the expenses you can expect when visiting the island paradise of Grenada.

In order to calculate the “Grenada Cost” (as we are going to call it), we will take into consideration the luxury you expect to experience in your holiday and how long you intend the holiday to be. With that being said, let’s get to it!

The Flight

Before we can talk about the price of the hotel, meals, and activities it’s only fair that we speak about the price of your airplane ticket.

According to the travel website Kayak, a non-stop flight from New York to Saint George adds around 353 dollars at the cheapest to the “Grenada Cost”, but as you can imagine, the cheapest flight tends to not be the most comfortable.

If we take into consideration the first-class ticket with all included, that price can shoot up to 682 dollars.


Although once again the price of meals in Grenada Island can vary depending on your preferences, most travelers that have visited the Island claim an average price of 50 dollars per day. As is to be expected, the price of sit-down restaurants tends to be higher than street food or fast-food.

Interestingly enough, breakfast tends to be cheaper than other meals, with the ginger bun costing no more than $0,56.

For those that would rather cook their own food, many visitors have claimed that food from grocery stores tends to have a saltier price, recommending fish and chicken meals as cheaper alternatives.


Now, your belly may be full, but while on Grenada Island you are still going to need a place to sleep and prepare yourself for various activities. With this in mind, it’s time to talk about hotel fees and accommodation expenses.

The cheaper hotels tend to have a daily cost of 99 dollars per person, with a one week period numbering on 694 dollars total.

For a mid-range hotel, from which you can expect a higher level of comfort, although still nothing compared to a luxury resort, these prices rise to $237 and $1,658 respectively. Finally, for a top comfort hotel, you may find yourself spending $525 on the daily fee per person, with a one week period costing $7,345 for a couple.

Scuba Diving

The main attraction on any Caribbean island, but especially in Grenada is always going to be the beautiful beaches that you can visit for free.

However, if you are looking to mix things up a bit, paying for a guided scuba dive session is always going to be a great option.

The average price per person for adults for one of such sessions is going to number around $50, making it one of the most affordable paid activities on Grenada Island.


Of course, not everything you do on Grenada Island needs to do with the sea or be on the shore at all.

The Caribbean nation is filled to the brim with breath-taking views and exotic wildlife inland as well and there are plenty of places where you can pay to hike through the lush jungle and find unthinkable beauties.

The average price of a hiking tour is even more friendly than the scuba diving at $24,07, making it a great program for the more adventurous.


As you read this article, you may have realized we didn’t really mention transportation, but that’s because we were saving it for now.

You see, the cost of transportation in general with buses, taxis, and so on in cities is around 30 dollars per day, which in a week-long holiday can translate to $210 added to your Grenada Cost!

And that is not even considering inter-city travel which can be as expensive as $50, you are spending to travel on a bus without the comforts of a modern car.

This is why our last recommendation is to rent a car at Carib Car Rental for the perfect mix of comfort and economy for traveling through Grenada Island.


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