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The Island Nation of Grenada can be considered the prime example of the “Caribbean experience” with white, tranquil beaches, lush jungles, and delicious food. Those three are the main reason why people flock to its shores on a daily basis, seeking to experience a place that is nothing short of Paradise.

Now, the wealth of sights and activities that the island offer come as both a blessing and a challenge to those with their adventurous minds turned towards exploring Grenada. After all, time is a luxury commodity and you can only do so much in the time period you will spend in Grenadian ground.

Sure, you will save time through the Grenada car rental services, but you would still have to carefully pick where you are going in order to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. To drive this point home, we have listed the top three tourist destinations in Grenada Caribbean that you must visit!

Underwater Sculpture Park

Have you ever run into the image of a ring of human sculptures holding hands at the bottom of the ocean while browsing the internet? The elements of the sea embrace those human forms as the sunlight shines through the salty waters, bathing them in gentle rays of light.

It is a mystical, enthralling image to witness just from the screen of your phone or computer, but even more so to experience it in the flesh, with the water embracing you and fish passing by. This is something that you could do yourself when exploring Grenada, as the main island is home to the first-ever underwater sculpture park. There are 75 sculptures in total, ranging from the reproduction of Amerindian petroglyphs to the life-size sculptures of many Islanders, which you can meet face to face.

You also have a large range of ways through which you may experience the park, from glass-bottom ships to snorkeling. That being said, an argument could be for the latter option, as it provides a more intimate way to interact with the exhibition.

St Georges

Founded by the French in 1650, Saint George’s is the capital of Grenada Caribbean and one of the most beautiful port towns of the region. The town is just filled to the brim with human activity, be it on the many bars that sell the famous local ale, or the local shops and stands, where locals sell their wares. In the harbor of Carenage, it is possible to meet people from all over the Caribbean and even the world as a whole while watching the constant and entrancing activity.

The architecture of St George’s is one of the most well-preserved in all Caribbean islands with its red-tiled brickwork buildings and cobblestone streets. St Georges is also the best place to set up your base when on vacation in Grenada, as it has the best hotels and Grenada car rental. In it, you may also discover an interesting historical route for your travel with two imposing ancient forts, Fort Frederick and Fort George, or even the Grenada national museum.

Grand Anse Beach

Now, this wouldn’t be a trip to the Caribbean if you never dipped your feet into some fluffy white sand or bathed in clear, salty water, would it? It would be a poor job at exploring Grenada if you missed its biggest and most impressive beach, Great Anse.

Extending itself for Up to three Kilometers in a golden arc, Great Anse offers a variety of services, from seaside restaurants to water sports of all kinds. There are a few hawkers that walk the shore selling their wares, but they are far from being pushy and will respond politely to a “no thank you.”

But, if you are in the mood for a bit of shopping, you should absolutely check out the Grande Anse Craft and Spice Market, for the best wares the Island has to offer. The price range of all these services can vary from the simple to the luxurious, so whatever your traveling budget maybe, you’ll find something to do.


Art, history, and nature Grenada Caribbean offers all of these things and so much more to those willing to seek it out. You might not get to experience everything in your stay, but you can, through clever planning, ensure that you see as much as possible, without excluding essential sights.

The first step to achieving this objective is to shorten the time you spend traveling between attractions and there is no better way to do so than by seeking out a Grenada car rental service. So, if you are planning to visit Grenada in the near future, make sure to take a quick visit to Carib Autos where we can arrange you with the means to make every moment here count.


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