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This world contains 620,000 kilometers of coastline touching its wide ocean, each shore presenting the opportunity for unique natural beauty. Yet, for some reason, near the Americas, in a region known as the Caribbean, an Island known as Grenada houses beaches breathtakingly beautiful that they attract people from all over the world. And there are many as well, (45 to be exact), though not all were created equal, even among these wondrous shorelines, which makes deciding on which to visit in a relatively short window of time a difficult task.

In order to aid you in such a task, we have compiled this list with the top 4 best Grenada Beaches for you to visit on the next holiday. As you read of these gems of the Caribbean, keep in mind that their number is not representative of ranking, each beach is going to have an ideal visitor, so don’t rule any of them out based on number alone, least you waste an opportunity.

Grand Anse

Maybe the most famous and sought after of all Grenada Beaches, Grand Anse seats on a protected area to the southwest, just short travel from the capital of St George’s. Being the most popular spot on the Island, Grand Anse is surrounded by tourist applications and great restaurants, so you can just lay back and enjoy without worrying about where you are going to eat.

With plenty of sunshine for most of the year and clear turquoise waters, you can enjoy either a more relaxed experience or even go for more of an adventure, no matter the season you picked for your trip, conditions are always ideal.

Speaking of adventure, you’ll find some amazing spots for water skiing, parasailing, kayaking, and even some scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions that let you interact with the local schools of fish that inhabit its waters, or even the wreck of a luxury ship, the Bianca C that lies sunken near the coast.

Morne Rouge

If Grand Anse is the best place to have some classical Caribbean Beach fun, Morne Rouge is the place to become mesmerized with the natural beauty that permeates the beaches in Grenada.

It is located relatively close to the city of St George, still following the south-western coast from Grand Anse, and the beauty of its lush vegetation and clear waters is such that many of the locals actually sought to keep it secret as a way to preserve it for themselves.

Sandy Island Beach

In front of a paradise beach, peaking out lonely out of the water is the peaceful landmass known as Sandy Island, a small chunk of paradise on earth. Or, it used to be, before a hurricane destroyed it in 2004, but worry not for beauty is made of sterner stuff. After the storm had passed, Grenada turned the place into a natural reserve which you may still visit gaze upon its exotic aquatic fauna and flora. What makes this such a special place is how untouched and untamed nature seems to be, making it a truly unique experience reached only by those with a keen sense of adventure.

If you are a big fan of snorkeling, Sandy Island, among all beaches in Grenada, should be at the very top of your list.

Magazine Beach

The name of this beach might have caught your eye and for a good reason. Indeed, this beach seems like a place you’d think only exists on the cover of magazines. Yet, we can assure you with full confidence that it exists on the southern shoreline of Grenada and is the ideal place for those looking for a peaceful, beautiful, and private beach. Indeed, Magazine beach may as well be the poster image of what a Caribbean holiday is supposed to look like, with white fluffy sand, a wide sky, and a landscape sure to steal your breath.


As it probably became through this article, despite being generally composed of the same elements, no two beaches are the same, and each offers a unique experience that is exclusive to its nature and location. You will likely not have the necessary time to visit all 45 Grenada beaches, so in order to create as many unique memories as possible, you’ll need the best method of transportation. And we at Carib Car Rental have made a business out of providing just that, so if you are planning on picking Grenada as your next vacation spot, make sure to contact us!


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