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It takes no more than a mention of the Caribbean Island of Grenada to entice our imagination into conjuring the most paradisaical sights into mind. And we can assure you, as people that live here that any dream you’ve had about this place falls short of the idyllic beauty of our home, but that it also is more than just beaches and jungle.

In fact, we could say that becoming bored in Grenada is quite a challenge as there are hundreds of sights, tastes, and sounds to feed the spirit. Simply put, you’ll never run out of things to do in Grenada. Don’t believe us? Here is just the top 5!

1. Visit Desert Beaches.

How else would we begin a listicle about the idyllic paradise that is Grenada without mentioning white beaches, a tranquil cool sea, and suave winds blowing into your recently tanned face?

All of these things are there for you to enjoy in Morne Rouge Beach, and with privacy to spare. After all, most tourists are going to be enjoying their day at Great Anse Beach which is right by the Capital of St George’s, leaving beaches that are just as gorgeous but further away, free for you to enjoy with your loved ones. And Morne Rouge is just one of such beach with plenty of shore in Grenada ready to reward the more adventurous visitor willing to tread off the beaten path.

2. Wander Through The Capital

Founded by the French in 1650, St George’s is an heirloom built on beautiful Gothic cathedrals and picturesque colonial houses filled with the scent of spice that rolls down from the western hills. Not only are its streets vibrant with the activity of merchants selling their wares, from the aforementioned spice to handcrafted clothes and accessories, but at night you’ll always be able to find a party or lively bar to dance your worries away.

3. Walk Through A Colonial Era Fort

Although war is the last thing that may come to mind when visiting Grenada, the Island still bears the memory of old territorial disputes in pirate raids in its cannons and battlements pointed towards the sea. To this legacy of staunch colonial defense, stands Fort Frederik ever-vigilant over the capital of Saint George’s, its crenelations being the most well-preserved European fortifications on the island.

As is to be expected, there are guided tours of the Fort and its two adjacent brother fort Mathew that offer not only some breath-taking views but also a deeper understanding of Grenada’s 250-year-old history.

4. Swim With The Statues

One of the most unique things to add to your “things to do in Grenada” list is visiting a statue museum… underwater. In the Caribbean waters that bathe the shores of Moliniere Bay, you may spy stony eyes, eerily peeking out of the water towards the land. Not only can you look at them for land, but you can pay for an underwater guided tour to get a closer look at the work of Jason deCaires Taylor depicting the faces of Island inhabitants, scenes from the Cuban revolution, and the artist’s own life.

5. Sample The Local Cuisine

There is a reason Grenada is called “the spice Island”, a good reason to which you may get very well acquainted on BB’s Crabback, or any other Island restaurant dedicated to the reach local cuisine. King Prawns bathed in mango, herb-marinated chicken, beautifully cut barracuda ripped right off its watery home, seared tuna steaks, and some good old barbecue.

All of these mouth-watering delights and much more can be found in establishments throughout the island, all cooked with local and natural ingredients. That, of course, includes the spices that got Grenada colonized in the first place like Nutmeg, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice, Bayleaf, and ginger. In short, be sure to pack some clothes a couple of numbers above the usual.


The wonders you’ve read about in this article are just five in a wealth so imaginable of beauty and pleasure that one could spend their lives in Grenada (as many want to do after their first visit) and not see everything. However, now is the time for us to let you in on a little secret: You can do all the activities listed here in a single day on the Island. How? By renting a trusty car to get you from wonder to wonder of course! And there is no place better to get a car for your Grenada adventure than at Carib Car Rental, so be sure to give us a visit when you come by!


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